“I am sorry , please forgive me for all and try to forget all which is between us and try to understand my situation and feelings regarding my parents and my family and you know them very well “,
The girl said.
Heart was beating but now it was pumping the poison into the veins of the boy who loves her more than his life , his family and his situations. His heart sank down and the pain was unbearable but too he was breathing and waiting for the moment that she may come and admit that she is only for him and nobody can take his place. It was looking like the relationship between them is dying and will not work anymore and they had to depart from each other for whole of the life.
The heart cleaving statement from her fainted the boy and was the last words from her lover who used to love him the whole day and care for him even when she herself is not feeling good , but the words was revealing something different. The word ‘forgive’ from her was the stabbing phrase for the boy as the whole casting of the relationship was started by the boy and the best side from her was that she used to deny him by saying that “please don’t step ahead , I may not help you if you are stuck anywhere in between“, but who listens these words and those who are in love never ever listen these words and consider it as a weakness if they are going to think over it and they believed that LOVE IS BLIND and the person who is in love should also be blind.
She was innocent and if she was saying this then it was not her fault as she used to remind him every now and then and accordingly she need not to ask for forgiveness but she did and it was also the good part from her side.
Recovering from the faint the boy stand stunned , bleeding at innermost depth and thoughtless, the boy stood at the gate and now was brimming for the breath as she was the only thing he has. The same has happened earlier also and the situation came under control due to his patience only. Now he was waiting for the some of the cause so that they can be together forever.
Dreaming the day, the night has came and he was waiting for her vigorously. She came and her entry was like thunder and lightening along and the night started bleeding but this was not the end of the weather, and it rained heavily that night and they both counted their wishes together and she was ready to go but he was not as he loves her more than her life.
They graduated from the same college but their destiny graduated them by failing them for being together. The only thing he has for her was the forever promises and dreams that to live together and she possess the facts and figures and was much more stronger than his dreams. She dreamt more than him and was more eager to love with them. She loved him alot but in senses and never lost control over herself and was the only point , he could never win and was the cause of apartness.
                                                                                                                 ….. to be continue..
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