Mere dard….

“Mere Dard ka hisab is peher

mujhse mango

Abhi wo lamha nahin ki main nafa

nuksaan bata sakun”

It’s sad

Jub tum kisi se baat karna chahteho, and usse apni saari
feelings share karna chahte ho or tumhepta chalta hai ki
wo person tumhari baato pe dhyaan hi nahi de raha,
tumhara msg ko ignore kar raha hai, tumhe late reply
kar raha hai and tumhe wo uss point tak pahucha deta hai
jaha tumhe khud realize ho jata hai ki ab baat karne se
matalb hi nahi or tum ye decide kar lete ho ki yaha se
chala jana hi behtar hai.
“People come and go, Ek time pe jo tmhara sab kuch hua
karta tha aaj tumhara hi msg ko ignore karne lag gaya”

I actually like it

I actually like it when people need me,
I don’t feel like it annoys me at all.
In fact it makes me feel like i’m wanted
and trusted by the people around me.
I enjoy helping others and giving
advice to those who need it. I can
honestly say i’d push anything out of
the way just to listen to you
because I know how it feels like when
you have so much bottled inside of
you. You’re at the point where you
can’t stand it and need to finally let
things out.

It’s easy to say you’re over


It’s easy to say you’re over
someone if you aren’t seeing them.
The challenge is to look them in the
eye and see their smile and hear their
voice and still be able to say
“this is not what I want anymore.”



As author writes and philosopher says about true love, “True love never dies but transform” and she strongly believe in that and she wants him also to agree upon the same but his madness for her was so much and his acme of love was not making him to understand anything. As love never wants to listen anything just it wants to tell or we can say that it orders to do the thing which paves the way for being together.
According to me, “Relationship is somewhat a matter related to devotion and commencement”. If the devotion is from both the side and one lacks the commencement then relationship dies else if it lacks devotion from one or the another side then also relationship dies. The only thing which adds spices and firm the bonding is the variable called as ‘Trust’ and it makes the difference between the two. The only thing which is suggested is to trust blindly and be prepared for the consequences of it and never ever try to make any false statements which you can’t fulfill or you are not sure about.
Every time there is some or the other factor which contribute in the parting of the two seekers of each other and this vary from person to person and this time it was the difference of  ‘S’ and this gap was widening with every breath and it was looking like it’s not going to work anymore now but one thing must be remembered that love never dies, it transforms and she wanted him to be her best friend for the rest of the life and for her it was a good deal and for him it was throwing himself in hell where no one survives and bleeds every now and then. 
The best part of their relationship was both loved each other very much and she was sacrificing for her family and he has to sacrifice for her and he was trying to resist but the conditions were not becoming clear what to do and what not to. “Expectation always hurts”  it was the same happening at that instant… He was fond of listening to her everytime and now there was slot to listen her and that too after a….(he was dying but he can’t express and was ready to die). 
She came at the slot but the topic was changed from love to care and every single moment was like a poison to drink and every word was like stab of dagger and he only listened to her and the parting words was more painful than anyother moment as usual when they part from each other they used to say in a voice ” i love u”.
Every moment was like a game played by destiny and the two were the lead role acting beautifully althrough…
                                     Now, the transformed relationship was delivering its breath but it was not soothing and heart choked, bleeding was enormous though no wound were discovered as one can easily predict. 

     Doori teri shayad hi sah paoon,,,                         De zakhm koi aur shayad k sah paoon..

Luck are those


you come home


You come home,

make some tea,

sit down in your armchair,

and all around there’s silence.

Everyone decides for themselves

whether that’s loneliness

or freedom.


“I am sorry , please forgive me for all and try to forget all which is between us and try to understand my situation and feelings regarding my parents and my family and you know them very well “,
The girl said.
Heart was beating but now it was pumping the poison into the veins of the boy who loves her more than his life , his family and his situations. His heart sank down and the pain was unbearable but too he was breathing and waiting for the moment that she may come and admit that she is only for him and nobody can take his place. It was looking like the relationship between them is dying and will not work anymore and they had to depart from each other for whole of the life.
The heart cleaving statement from her fainted the boy and was the last words from her lover who used to love him the whole day and care for him even when she herself is not feeling good , but the words was revealing something different. The word ‘forgive’ from her was the stabbing phrase for the boy as the whole casting of the relationship was started by the boy and the best side from her was that she used to deny him by saying that “please don’t step ahead , I may not help you if you are stuck anywhere in between“, but who listens these words and those who are in love never ever listen these words and consider it as a weakness if they are going to think over it and they believed that LOVE IS BLIND and the person who is in love should also be blind.
She was innocent and if she was saying this then it was not her fault as she used to remind him every now and then and accordingly she need not to ask for forgiveness but she did and it was also the good part from her side.
Recovering from the faint the boy stand stunned , bleeding at innermost depth and thoughtless, the boy stood at the gate and now was brimming for the breath as she was the only thing he has. The same has happened earlier also and the situation came under control due to his patience only. Now he was waiting for the some of the cause so that they can be together forever.
Dreaming the day, the night has came and he was waiting for her vigorously. She came and her entry was like thunder and lightening along and the night started bleeding but this was not the end of the weather, and it rained heavily that night and they both counted their wishes together and she was ready to go but he was not as he loves her more than her life.
They graduated from the same college but their destiny graduated them by failing them for being together. The only thing he has for her was the forever promises and dreams that to live together and she possess the facts and figures and was much more stronger than his dreams. She dreamt more than him and was more eager to love with them. She loved him alot but in senses and never lost control over herself and was the only point , he could never win and was the cause of apartness.
                                                                                                                 ….. to be continue..